Commercial Water Solutions


Finity® branded water filtration is manufactured by Marmon Water Foodservice which is a newly formed company under the Marmon Group, a subsidiary of the Berkshire Hathaway Company.

Marmon Water has operated in the water technology business for nearly a century. During this time, we have become a vertically-integrated manufacturer and leader in residential, retail, industrial filtration, and water filtration media development. We have utilized our knowledge and technology to develop a new water filtration platform that targets solutions specifically designed for food service applications - Finity®.

The Finity® product line-up offers a variety of filtration media options designed to provide the cleanest, safest water experience possible. In today’s competitive foodservice marketplace, it is imperative that foodservice operators partner with suppliers that are dedicated to providing solutions that meet and exceed their water filtration needs. Our proprietary technology enables foodservice operators to optimize their filtration experience by changing out their filter cartridges only when necessary while maintaining the highest quality level of water. The result is an economical and environmentally friendly approach to ensuring water safety, beverage quality and improved equipment performance to our partners.

Water is not perfect. On the journey to any foodservice establishment, water will pick up all kinds of problems – minerals, sediment, cysts and other impurities. These impurities can lead to problem water, the creation of scale on your equipment, negative impacts on your finished products and a myriad of other issues.

That’s where Finity® water filtration comes into play. Our patented FACT® media technology allows for top-of-the-line filtration with minimal pressure drop. We’re talking 0.2 μm microfiltration for the protection against bacteria and certain pathogens. Finity® Chloramines reduction products offer nearly 3X the reduction capacity of our closest competitors within a similar footprint.

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